Magmi Home Page

Magmi Opens Up Security Flaw

While we like Magmi as a fast import tool for Magento, developers need to be aware of a serious security flaw. Without htpasswd authorization protection, miscreants can upload php files that install trojan horse malware onto a Magento site. In one recent case of which we have been notified, a site using the standard install […]

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Cloudways Managed Hosting

Review: Cloudways Magento Hosting

On the heels of our review of MageCloud, we learned about Cloudways, another hosting provider that leverages AWS cloud servers for the server infrastructure. Digging into both of the offerings has given us a new appreciation for the possibilities offered by this model (versus shared or dedicated rack machine accounts). We’re still not sure which […]

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Review: MageCloud Hosting Service

Since the announcement last year that Magento was discontinuing it’s Magento Go hosted solution, many have been attempting to fill the void. Others offered discounts if Magento Go store owners relocated their stores to their service or platform. We think the biggest problem with Magento Go was that it was not exactly Magento nor exactly […]

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Mage Revolution Package Product Type

Mage Revolution Creates New Product Type

Mage Revolution, a maker of Magento add-ons, has just released a new extension that adds a new product type to Magento, the Package Product. This new product type is intended to satisfy those store operators who want to bundle various individual products together into one new product, offered at one complete price. Unlike the native Bundle […]

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FedEx Jet

Magento and Dimensional Shipping

On December 29th, 2014 and January 5, 2015, UPS and FedEx, respectively, will begin pricing their ground shipments based on dimensions, rather than actual weight. Most merchants should already be aware of this, but many we’ve talked to have done little or nothing to prepare for this change. The main reason is that in most […]

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Magento 2 Developer Beta

Magento Releases Version 2 Beta to Developers

It’s no secret in the Magento developer community that the code base for Version 2 of the world’s leading open source e-commerce platform is available on GitHub. The real mystery for a long time has been when not where Magento would make a formal, kick-the-tires, release. At the 2014 imagine conference, Magento management said they would deliver […]

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Magento CE 1.9.1 Ready for Download

As hinted in Magento’s earlier announcement on the release of Enterprise 1.14.1, version 1.9.1 of Community Edition is now available for download. This new release provides a number of new features, as described in the announcement. Among the new enhancements are configurable swatches, improvements to the default responsive theme, better security and performance, and support […]

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Magento EE

Magento EE 1.14.1 Released

The latest iterations of Magento, both Enterprise and Community versions, are available for download today, as announced on the Magento blog. According to the post, this minor version includes some new merchandising tools. The post discusses several new features or improvements, including a drag-and-drop “visual merchandising tool” that reportedly allows store owners to preview a […]

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Ultimo Magento Theme

Magento Theme Producer Hits $1M in Sales

Infortis, a Poland-based theme producer, has hit the envious mark of selling $1,000,000 worth of products. The most notable being the firm’s Ultimo theme, reviewed earlier this year. According to ThemeForest, this milestone is even more impressive as it involves the exclusive sale of Magento themes. Many WordPress producers do quite well with ThemeForest; it’s […]

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MageRevolution Checkout Discount Code

Add Discount Code to Magento Checkout

MageRevolution, a novusweb®, llc company, has released an extension that adds the Magento discount coupon code functionality to the regular Magento check-out process. The extension offers the same functionality as provided on the Magento Cart page, but adds it to the check-out process where many customers expect it. “We’ve seen so many lost sales or […]

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