Generate Quality Leads for Your Magento Store

How to Generate Quality Leads for Your Magento Store


Generate Leads on Magento StoreThe ultimate goal of creating a professional looking online store is to generate quality leads and boost the sales of a web business. No matter what CMS platform you use,  make sure you are providing the rich and soothing user experience to your potential web customers. Since today’s web audience is extremely impatient, you need to give them relevant reasons to stay longer on your web store, and make a purchase whenever they visit your site.

It is a vigorous content management system that empowers people to build and customize a fully-fledged web store. There are tons of beautiful themes and powerful extensions that can help you improve the UX of your store with ease. Apart from this, you will get many out-of-the-box features that will take the shopping experience of your real-time web customers to another level. But to generate quality leads, you need to formulate the strategies to strengthen the conversion rate of your Magento web store.

In this article, we will offer five impressive lead generation tips that will improve the conversions and sales of your Magento e-commerce store with ease.

1. Optimize your Magento web store

Optimize Magento Store

If you want to convert your potential web visitors to customers, you need to optimize each and every aspect of your web store. There are multiple factors that you need to consider when optimizing your site. Following are the few tips that will give your online customers an unforgettable shopping experience:

Create Unique, Quality and Enthralling Content

Optimize the product descriptions of your e-store by creating fresh, unique and informative content. Make sure you provide valuable information to your visitors so that they can instantly make the decision whether they want to buy their desired product or not. Don’t try to create duplicate content for your product descriptions as this can negatively affect the conversions of your web store.

Use High-resolution Product Images

Apart from the content, you also need to add high-resolution images of your products with different angles. This will help visitors to make the final decision quickly and easily.

Streamline Your Navigation Scheme

Give your real-time visitors a great browsing experience by creating a simple, clean and user-friendly navigation structure. Make sure you provide consistent navigation on each of your pages to let your visitors find whatever they are looking for, without any distraction. This will encourage them to browse and navigate more of your product page, which in turn improves conversions and generates leads.

Utilize a Quick and Simple Checkout Process

Create a simple and intuitive checkout process to allow your visitors to quickly buy the products for which they are looking. You can create one-page a checkout process using a Magento extension such as Checkout Suite to reduce the irrelevant steps in the checkout process. This will entice visitors to shop more from your Magento store.

2. Use Pop-ups

These days, pop-ups are playing a potent role in an e-commerce lead generation. Although they may seem annoying to web visitors, the proper use of pop-ups can help you drive more web customers.

You can use entry pop-ups to offer a promotion to entice a visitor’s shopping experience. It is an incredible way to tell your visitors that they can access a discount coupon when they buy anything from your web store.

You can also use simple pop-up forms to gather information to build contacts with new as well as existing customers for exceptional customer service.

3. Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful ways of generating quality leads. Intelligently executed email marketing campaign can help you achieve your targeted goals with ease. Create promotional emails to encourage subscribers or visitors to make at least one purchase from your online store.

You can also create personal emails such as birthday wishes, confirmations, receipts, etc to give your customers a special feeling when they read your email – this builds the loyal relationship with your potential web customers. Also, send them notifications regarding discounts or unfinished order confirmations to keep up with your web store.

4. Make Use of a “Tell a Friend” Strategy

Word of mouth is the best tool for an e-commerce lead generation. Usually, customers talk less about the products they buy from the web store. They don’t find it worthy to share the positive reviews about the products. You can, however, provide a referral program with a discount coupon to encourage web customers to talk about your products and refer your site to their friends and family.

This builds trust among the new customers because they trust the recommendations given by their friends or family members. You can also influence your customers to leave positive feedback as a comment on Facebook or other popular social networking sites.

5. Employ Behavioral Targeting

Targeting Strategy

Since e-commerce marketing trends keep on changing, you need to keep yourself refurbished with the latest techniques for better outcomes. Behavioral targeting is one of the most advanced digital marketing tools that can help you generate more and more leads for your Magento web store.

It basically observes the behavioral habits of their existing customers and offers them a personalized home page that is relevant to their specific interest. Use a behavioral targeting tool to understand your potential consumers so you can give them a top-notch experience when they are shopping on your site.


These are some of the terrific lead generation strategies for a Magento web store. You can follow these tips and encourage visitors to shop from your store over and over again. You can create a high user experience by creating a beautiful, professional looking, and customer-friendly e-commerce site.

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